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  • From left: NGAAF Coordinator Nairobi county, County Commissioner Nairobi, Madam F.N Mworoa, CEO NGAAF Mr. Titus Lotee, DIG KPS, Mr. Edward Mbugua, EBS, MBS, noc(K), Deputy Director Community Policing and Gender (KPS)Madam Phidiliah Kisinyo, Women Rep Nairobi County, Madam Esther Passaris. during the exchange of the Memorandum of Understanding between Kenya Police Service and National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF) partnership on 02/03/2021.
  • Sheila Chelangat of NPS receives gold medal for winning the 10km women National cross country 2021 from the lotto CEO Mrs Joan Mwaura
  • K-9 Police Dog Training Session
  • The Kenya Police Boxing Team Presenting Trophies they won to The Principal Deputy to The DIG, Madam Miriam Muli, SAIG, ndc (K)
  • The Principal Deputy to The DIG, Madam M. Muli, SAIG, ndc(K) receiving the Trophies won by the Kenya Police Boxing Team
  • Sheila Chelangat of NPS crosses the finish line to win the women 10km national cross country race 2021.
  • The DIG KPS Mr. Edward Njoroge Mbugua, CBS, OGW ,ndc(K) receives trophy for the overall best Women 10km National cross country race 2021 on behalf of NPS,flanked by Mr Rono Bunei and Lotto CEO Mrs. Joan Mwaura
  • Mr. Edward Njoroge Mbugua, EBS, MBS, noc(K) DIG KPS signs Memorandum of Understanding between the Kenya Police Service and the National Government Affirmative Action Fund(NGAAF) Nairobi county on partnership in addressing sexual and Gender based violence cases.(SGBV) on 02/03/2021

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POLICARE has been coined from two English words: “POLICE” and “CARES”. POLICARE is a National Police Service (NPS) integrated response to Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in Kenya. It is designed as a multi- agency victim cantered “ONE STOP CENTER” service provider. The service providers will include and not limited to Police, Forensic investigators, Health providers, Psychologists, DPP representative, a Magistrate on call, Medical-legal, Gender experts, Correctional personnel among others under all under one roof.

 POLICARE overall objective is to strengthen the capacity of NPS to prevent and respond to SGBV cases through establishment of a ONE STOP victim support centre incorporating the synergy of multi agencies.

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