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Tourist Police Unit is a specialized unit that was formed to provide security for tourists. The idea to establish the Unit came up in 1992 when insecurity was a real challege to the Tourism Industry. Its was formed in collaboration with The Commissioner of Police, Ministry of Tourism and stakeholders in the Tourism Industry.

The unit is mandated to provide security and safety to tourists in various circuits and facilities utilized by the tourists within Kenya. In that respect, the concern of Tourism Police Unit with regard to providing security to tourisms outside protected areas, is centresd on beaches, roads, streets, airports, bus stops, public parks, hotels, lodges, entertainment spots, museums, historical sites and market places.


Alongside the normal police functions, the core functions of the tourist police unit are:

• Protection of tourist’s life and property
• Provide security and safety to tourists
• Handle and receive inquiries, claims and complaints by tourists.
• Investigate tourists related crimes and prosecute offenders
• Patrol beaches, hotels and tourist circuits
• Provide escorts to tourist
• Protect tourists from harassment
• To offer general advice and guidance to tourists


  • Reduction of violent crimes committed against tourists
  • Increase in the number of tourists visiting tourists attractions
  • Training officers in foreign languages and offering tourism sensitization courses
  • Cultivating good relationships with members of the public
  • Creationof more Tourist Police Bases
  • Building confidence in tourists about their safety

The formation of Tourism Police Unit was first considered in 1992 by the Commissioner of Police, Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife and tourism industry stake holders. This was at the time when the country experienced attacks against the tourists as they visited various tourist circuits. There was also a lot of harassment to tourist by parking boys/girls, street families and beach operators.

It was later started off by the P.P.O Coast in 1996 within Coastal region with 50 officers. It is now a rapidly growing Unit with strength of 310 officers. It is headed by a Commandant with a headquarters staff. Further there are two administrative sectors the equivalent of a police division. Under the Divisions there are Bases.


The Tourist Police Unit is committed to ensuring safety for tourists to make them feel at home away from home. However, it is not possible to wipe out crime completely. Real security starts with observing one’s personal security. We are therefore appealing to all to observe personal security. For example, it is not advisable to wear golden jewelries that easily attract evil minded people’s attention or carry huge sums of cash etc. It is wise to deal with recognized foreign currency exchange bureaus and avoid engaging in long conversations with strangers on the street.

Tourism police officers work in the police uniforms and do wear a TPU badge on the left hand side of the shirt. Approach them for general guidance and information in case of doubt.

Report all incident to the police however small the case may be.

Pass any criminal intelligence to our security officers.

Contact us through the following addresses...
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+254 020 2727844 +254 020 2724501 P.O. Box 30281 Nairobi