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The attention of the Kenya Police has been drawn to reports carried in a section of the press today castigating the police for shoddy investigations and insensitivity on handling rape cases.

It is important to clarify here that the Kenya Police is committed to the fight against rape and defilement. There should be no doubt about this in any body’s mind and it is our obligation to protect the citizens of this country from perpetrators of this heinous crime.

As part of this commitment the Kenya Police has put in place a gender and children’s desk at the Police Headquarters to handle rape related issues, defilement and other assaults on the vulnerable group of our society that is women and children.

Through this office, child protection centers have been established in various parts of the country – in Nyanza, Western, Rift Valley and Nairobi. The Spider squad which was established to deal with rape cases is still operational and its successes cannot be over emphasized.

The Police Department has inculcated Gender and Children issues into its training curriculum at the Police Training College. This has been made possible in collaboration with NGO specializing in women and children issues.

Through this programme, our officers have been trained on how to handle victims of rape in a descent and confidential manner. This is the reason why we have witnessed an increase in the reportage of such case because the public now have confidence that they will be assisted once they report.
Therefore allegations about insensitive officers at the police station gleefully demanding a replay of the events are false and far fetched. Those making such allegations are living in the yester-years and have no touch with the reality on the ground.

It is important to note that the Gender Desks are manned by female police officers who have been specially trained in this area.

For the months of January and February, this year, there were a total of 406 cases reported. Of these 397 were taken to court

• Convicted - 145
• Pending before court - 236
• Dismissed under section 202 cpc - 10
• Acquitted U/Sec. 210 - 1
• Withdrawal U/Sec. 87 (A) - 2
• Pending U/investigations - 9

This is indicative that the Kenya Police is not involved in a conspiracy of silence. We are taking action. The Kenya Police wish to discourage those who are speculating about our commitment to combat this vice. They are urged to encourage victims to report to the police and we will take necessary action.

We wish to also discourage family members from the habit of gambling with the life of their kin by accepting compensation from culprits to defeat the course of justice. When a crime has been committed there is no provision in the law for outside settlement. Report the crime to the police. We should all be committed to stamp out this vice.


10th April, 2006