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William A. Sayia CBS,OGW S/DCP 1

Commandant GSU


To be a modern, efficient and effective police unit guided by professionalism.


To provide quality services to all and in particular render speedy, special support required by other police formations and units during operational emergencies.


Primarily, GSU was established as a reserve unit to deal with special operations and civil disorder. The Unit has however been charged with other responsibilities which include:

    • Security to H.E. the President
    • Security to state houses and state lodges
    • Security to Vital installations and strategic points.
    • Security to foreign Airlines.
    • Anti-poaching patrols
    • Escort of currencies, Arms and ammunition, dangerous criminals and tourists in the parks.
    • Any other duty assigned by the Commissioner of police.


    The general service unit is divided into 20 sub-units with a central command from the unit commandant. These units are called companies named alphabetically from letters ‘A’ to ‘T’ with the exception of letters P&O. There are 4 major companies based in Nairobi and its environs namely:-

    1. Headquarters Company         -Ruaraka, Nairobi
    2. GSU Training School              -Embakasi Nairobi
    3. GSU Recce Company             -Ruiru Nairobi-Thika
    4. GSU ‘G’ Company                  -State House Nairobi

    ‘G’ company has out-posts in all state houses and lodges across the country.
    The rest of the companies are distributed across the country depending on the security needs of these areas.



    The General Service Unit Training School relocated to its present site in 1972 from an old camp within Embakasi area now occupied by Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, old control tower. Before the school moved here, it was referred to as Training Wing.

    Since its inception in 1948, GSU drew its personnel from general duties until April, 1964 when need arose to train men purposely for GSU in order to cope with the rising demand for specialized services.

    The GSU training school consists of four main wings responsible for enhancing training modules. Students are put through an immense variety of both police and paramilitary courses which include: field craft and minor tactics, skill at arms, map reading, foot and arms drill, practical police theory, liberal studies, communication, command and leadership, first aid and hygiene, physical training, instructional techniques and anti-riot drills, largely to deal with its mandate of achieving the police functions as per cap 84 Laws of Kenya. The main wings include:

    • SENIOR TRAINING WING – The wing specializes in training of all personnel undergoing command courses. The wing is also charged with the responsibility of extending training to participants from other institutions and departments outside the unit or to those who require a refresher or standardization training.
    • JUNIOR TRAINING WING- This wing is solely responsible for the initial training of newly recruited constables into General Service Unit.
    • CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT AND EVALUATION WING- This wing was formerly established in 1999 to prepare and evaluate programmes in the institution. It has the core responsibility in liaison with the faculties to prepare and produce standardized training modules for different cadre of courses undertaken in the institution. After training, the wing has the responsibility of evaluating all training programmes and conducting research to enhance training.
    •  ADMINISTRATIVE WING - This wing is headed by the school Adjutant. It covers a wide rage of departments, raging from transport, stores, procurement, personnel welfare, security among others.


    • Initial recruits course
    • Section commanders course
    • Platoon Sergeant course
    • Senior Sergeant course
    • Platoon Commanders course
    • Platoon Commanders refresher course
    • Company Commanders course
    • Taekwondo course (basic)
    • Judo - Beginners course
    • Company Refresher course
    • Computer courses (other ranks)
    • Any other course as may be directed by the Commissioner of Police or the Commandant, GSU.


    The GSU Training school has a field training camp in Magadi. The Magadi field training camp was first incepted in 1980. The camp is situated in Magadi Division within Kajiado District of Rift Valley Province. It is approximately 120km South West of Nairobi and about 250m away from Magadi-Nairobi road. The camp occupies approximately 1,521.75 Hectares and deals mainly with practical work and lessons.


    • MARCH                            – Inter –Company First Aid.
    • MARCH/APRIL                – Inter-Company Athletics; Volleyball, Football, Athletics.
    • MAY                                  - Inter-Provincial First Aid competition
    • JUNE                                  – Inter- Provincial Denham competition
    • JULY                                 – Inter-Provincial Athletics
    • SEPTEMBER                     – Inter -Company Shooting competition
    • OCTOBER                        – Inter – Provincial Shooting competition.


    • The unit has a Football team ‘the Red Berets’ which is currently in the premier league.
    • The unit’s Volleyball team is recognized both nationally and internationally. It has been crowned the National Champions for six (6) consecutive years.
    • In the shooting discipline, unit officers have over the years been part of the team that has represented the country in the Common Wealth Games.
    • Other sporting disciplines include athletics. Tug-of-War, Tae-Kwondo and Boxing.


    • Currently the Unit is constructing an additional 2 Barracks at GSU Training School, Embakasi and 9 others at the Field Training Camp, Magadi.
    • Renovation of another 150 houses at the drive-in camp is also going on
    • Re-carpeting of the main Parade ground at GSU training school is also underway

    The Unit Commandants have been:-

    Mr. S. G. Thompson SP 19/5/1961 17/7/1961
    Mr. S. G. Smith SSP 27/7/1961 20/3/1963
    Mr. Mackenzie SSP 21/3/1963 26/2/1964
    Mr. R. J. Angel SSP 27/2/1964 17/4/1967
    Mr. B. M. Gethi DCP 18/4/1967 1/9/1978
    Mr. P. Mbuthia S/ACP 2/9/1978 24/8/1982
    Mr. E. K. Mbijiwe S/DCP 25/8/1982 8/4/1987
    Mr. J. K. A. Kosgei S/DCP 8/4/1987 9/3/1993
    Mr. C. C. Kimurgor S/DCP 10/3/1993 29/6/1999
    Mr. S. K. Cheramboss S/DCP I 29/6/1999 30/8/2002
    Mr. D. M. Kimaiyo S/DCP II 1/9/2002 15/1/2003
    Mr. Lawrence Mwadime S/DCP I 16/1/2003 2/6/2005
    Mr. Mathew k. iteere S/DCP I 2/6/2005 2009
    Mr. William A. Sayia S/DCP I 2009 TO DATE

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